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Kansas Ave - TopekaOn October 26, 1932, sixty-eight dealers met at the Jayhawk Hotel in Topeka for the purpose of organizing a state motor car dealers association with the goal of promoting better business conditions for those engaged in the automobile business. This date marks the founding of the Kansas Automobile Dealers Association (KADA) -- a political, economic, and educational association created for Kansas dealers, by Kansas dealers and still managed by Kansas dealers who are dedicated to protecting the interests and increasing the value of automotive dealerships throughout the state. As an industry, the motor vehicle dealers of Kansas are dedicated to constantly improving their business practices and ethics to maintain fair competition in order to better serve consumers. KADA recognizes that the motor vehicle dealers are the backbone of the American automobile industry and an essential part of the Kansas economy, and, therefore, strives to enable Kansas dealers to be the strongest dealers in the nation.

*Photograph is provided courtesy of the Kansas State Historical Society. This photo was taken in 1935 of Kansas Ave. The Jayhawk Hotel can be seen in the background while the current KADA Office can be found as the 3rd store front from the left.

Annual Contributions of Kansas’s New-Vehicle Dealers*

Kansas’s dealers maintain a multi-BILLION dollar retail industry.

  • Average sales per dealership                                               $30.8 million
  • Total sales of all new-vehicle dealerships in Kansas               $6.3 billion
  • Estimated number of new-vehicle dealerships                        213
Dealers provide thousands of well-paying jobs in Kansas.
  • Number of new-vehicle dealership employees in Kansas         10,733
  • Average number of employees per dealership                         50
  • Average annual earnings per dealership employee                  $48,672
  • Annual payroll of new-vehicle dealerships                               $511 million
  • Average annual payroll per new-vehicle dealership                  $2.43 million
Dealers generate hundreds of millions of dollars of tax revenue for state and local government through:
  • Sales Tax Revenue
  • Corporate Tax Revenue
  • Payroll Tax Revenue 

  *Numbers reflect annual economic activity during 2016